Monday, June 22, 2009

The iPhone is not really a phone at all

My friend Craig Nakamoto just posted his first review of the new iPhone 3Gs. Long story short: he likes it. I'm not surprised. Craig has in the past used (among other devices) a Moto Razr, a Moto Q, a Blackberry, and an iPhone 3G (which got run over by a car).
I've had my iPhone 3G for only 8 months, and I've just updated it to OS 3.0, so I won't be upgrading to a 3Gs but will wait until my current contract ends in 2011. By then, I expect the iPhone 4Gs or whatever it'll be called will have evolved into a badass pocket computer with multi-core CPU, 3D GPU acceleration, universal real-time voice recognition, 2+ megapixel front-facing camera for full video chat, 5+ megapixel rear camera with at least 3X optical zoom that can shoot noise-free RAW images up to ISO6400, full HD (1080p) video recording and playback, 512GB of flash RAM, a micro SDXC expansion slot, outdoor GPS accuracy to under 1 meter, wireless broadband in the 20-50Mbps range, a built-in pico projector with 1+ megapixel resolution, biometric security, and an all-day battery.
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