Monday, July 28, 2008

Mr. Rooter

I had to work from home today because the plumbers arrived to inspect and clean out our sewer drains. Our next door neighbour had a sewer line backup that flooded their basement just before Christmas. The line had to be replaced, which meant removing a large tree from their front yard and digging a trench up the lawn from the sidewalk to the house. Since our home is about the same age, we decided to have our sewer line checked, and we're sure glad we did. Some tree roots had grown into the joint between our main sewer line and the city sewer line, and there was a partial obstruction. Using a high-pressure hydroscrubber, the plumber cleared away the tree roots and the buildup inside the pipe. In the future we have to call the City Waterworks office for a regular inspection. I'm just glad we caught this problem before it got serious enough to require excavation.