Saturday, October 14, 2006

Windows Vista or MacOS X?

Chris Pirillo, a longtime Windows fanatic, publicly expressed frustration with Vista and finds he's in good company. He writes:
I’m a nanometer away from switching my family over to OS X when Apple releases Leopard in Q1 of 2007. It looks clean and elegant. It comes with all the software and services the average user could ever want. It runs on the same hardware. A system will be able to dual-boot between OS X and Windows, and pricing is no longer astronomical. But most importantly? With its UI inconsistencies, Vista feels completely schizophrenic, and that’s enough of a reason for anybody to leave Windows in the dustjust like they left MSN Search and IE.
He didn't even mention that in a multi-PC household, upgrading to Windows Vista is a far more expensive proposition than upgrading the equivalent number of Macs to the next version of MacOS X: a five-user Family pack of OS X costs US$199. Each Windows PC requires a separate Windows upgrade, and Vista Ultimate is US$399 for each user. Do the math.
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